Paige has been knocking out some ridiculous magazine shoots lately. She just slays. Get to know this gorgeous girl on the Lucky 13 roster!

Paige says her favorite colors are rose gold, olive green, and navy blue. (I can attest to the rose gold thing. She freaks out everything wardrobe or accessories includes it. Hint: rose gold wig at the next editorial shoot!)

When she is not modeling or freaking out over rose gold, she likes participating in debate and playing tennis. (Did you say tennis? We have a court in Baldwin and some vintage tennis dresses!) She also likes doing crossword puzzles and coloring books. (Only she spelled it colouring, because she is fancy like that.)

Paige likes kicking back with friends and watching movies. She says Big Hero 6 is her go-to and could watch it all day. 

Paige's favorite photoshoot so far has been the nature themed one (I Love the Flower Girl) because she loves working with flowers and leaves, and pastel colors. (That shoot will be featured in the next issue of RISE Magazine! Don't miss it!)